Individual Consultations


The  MyersBriggs® assessment tool and the Strong Interest Inventory ® reports are some of the most widely used and highly respected self-assessment tools in both industry and education. Combined together, they provide a clear view of a person’s personality and career interests and give great insights into industries and careers that could be a strong match. They are published by CPP, Inc.,  and may only be used by trained professionals.

For High School or College Students: Strong Profile, College Edition, plus Strong and MBTI® Career Report Administration. This specific report is geared for those just embarking upon their career and provides points for further research into potential careers.

Experienced Job Seekers: Strong Interest Inventory® and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Career Report with Strong Profile. This report is helpful for people considering a career change, wanting to achieve more balance in their lives or assessing other options to pursue outside of their worklife.

For more information and a sample of the instruments, see the Consulting Psychologist Press website at

Services Offered: One of the reports listed above, a Strong and a MBTI Profile report administered with a pre-assessment discussion, a debrief session of at least one hour, and one 15 minute follow up session

Job Search Assistance

Resume critique and brush- up- Includes initial critique of resume and one follow-up session. Additional sessions available for additional charges.

Career Path Advising firmly believes the job applicant must do the initial work on their resume to fully assess their experiences and how they relate to the position they are seeking. This allows the applicant to be best prepared to present themselves effectively in interviews and other job-related interactions. We have helped hundreds of people brainstorm on their experiences, polish their resumes and work to present themselves to employers positively and professionally.

Interviewing Preparation

Interviewing hints and tips discussion- (1/2 hour session)

What can you expect in an interview? How do you address the “tricky” questions? What do employers most want to know about you in an interview? This discussion will address ways to best prepare and also allows for personal questions to be discussed.

Mock interview and feedback- (1/2 hour spent on each) This service is ideally conducted face to face, but may be held on the phone or via SKYPE as well. 

No matter how well-prepared you are for interviews on paper or in your head, the art of optimally presenting yourself takes practice, practice, practice. Mock interviews are considered one of the most helpful tools to gain confidence in telling your story, helping employers see the contributions you can make, and thinking on your feet in interviews.

Group Offerings


College Preparation & Career Planning Student Workshop Series

Series 1: "How are You Wired?"

Learn what majors, colleges & careers "fit" how God made you.

A four part series of hands-on workshops where participants discover their design through professional testing and exercises, including: Personality, Interests, Values, & Skills.

Series 2: "Applications, Resumes & Interviewing, Oh My!"

Are you prepared to present yourself to colleges & employers?

Students must tackle the dread of learning these life-skills! In this 5 part series of workshops, students will learn about positively presenting themselves to college admissions boards and employers through preparing related documents and practicing interviewing.

College Planning and Career Development (A 24-36 session High School or College student course)

The goal of this course is to teach and guide each student through the entire career development process. This includes in-depth self-assessment, career and college exploration and decision-making, and job search strategies and tools which are valuable for the college admissions process, as well as for any job search.

Fall semester will focus on self assessment where students will complete a variety of exercises to better understand their interests, skills, values, and personality types. In-depth assessment helps all students better prepare for presenting themselves for colleges and employers. Second semester will focus on exploring careers of interest and developing basic job search skills important for the college application process, as well as general job seeking. Developing a resume and cover letter, practice interviewing and general advice on the career planning and college application process will all be covered.

Design and Focus (A workshop for Career Changers)

When someone enters the job market, they are anxious to brush up their old resume and start applying and interviewing for jobs. But what if you want to change careers? You aren’t ready to plunge right into the job market yet. There is some foundational work you must do first. Design & Focus gives you the tools to do the important pre-work of a career transition.

This 4 week program is designed for job seekers who are making a career transition. In a highly interactive format, participants are given self-assessment tools to thoroughly reflect on how they are wired and their past experiences. Working in a team environment, they are also given tools to research new career areas and refine their job search strategies toward their new career goals.