"I learned more about myself, how I can better determine if a job is a good fit for me. You also realy helped me to better understand what I'm made to do and what my life mission is. I will definitely recommend you to anyone interested!"- college student

"This class was one of the best investments in my son's education. He learned about his personality, giftings, likes and dislikes. His self-confidence grew as he began to understand that he was created by God for a particular purpose. He also learned about marketing himself both to prospective employers and universities.  I recommend this class for all high schoolers: it will pay dividends for years to come."- high school student's parent

"An excellent presenter/teacher. I would be willing to attend any other seminars she presents."- experienced job seeker

“Excellent by providing insight into what major I want to pursue through (self-assessment tools).”- high school student

"The best part of this course was the well-organized handouts and exceptional public speaking and teaching skills of the instructor."-experienced job seeker

“(Self assessment exercises were) extremely useful.” - high school student

“I liked (the self-assessment) activity best because of its insight into my psychological and educational tendencies.” - high school student